MDT Bioelectronics exists since 1987 as private-company.


Founding of MDT Bioelectronics as an individual enterprise.

The TP-Marderschocker was developed. The TP-Marderschocker-System serves to repel marten and dormouse in the house, garden and car.

For more information see: http://www.tp-marderschocker.mdt.ch/


we began to produce the food allergy testset. This testset and other native substance - testsets are important tools for every bioenergetic testing of allergies and intolerances for hundreds of doctors and medical practitioners.

For more information see: http://www.mdt.ch/


Development and production of the MOLIMED® color light system. At that time, high-intensity red LEDs and a few other colors were available. Today, 19 different colors and various devices and accessories from the MOLIMED® system are available.

For more information see: http://www.molimed.ch/


Development and production of the ADVANTUS 10 bioresonance device began. The ADVANTUS is no more available.


Development and production of the SilverHandy for generation of silver-, copper- and zinc-colloid. Today we can offer the new version of the SilverHandy, the model M104.

For more information see: http://www.silverhandy.com/


Development and production of the BlueBrain® devices of the first generation. Today, the advanced unit HT30 and the mood light is available.


Development of the Melina-C cosmetic-line.

For more information see: www.melina-c.ch  



How you can find us

Bettwiesen is on the main road and rail way from Wil - Weinfelden - Kreuzlingen. From Wil center about 4 km in the direction to Bronschhofen - Märstetten - Kreuzlingen. From rail station Bettwiesen about 100 m.

Please call before your visit! 

Map of Bettwiesen

Production with solar energy

We have a photo voltaic plant on our roof since mid of April 2014. We produce with our own power of up to 11 kW. Thus, we reduce the CO2 emissions and are independent of nuclear power.

Since august 2012 we use a heat pump combined with oil burner of newest technology to heat the house. Now we have our own electric power for heating and hot water production. This technology reduces the oil consumption by over 50%.