Application of the BlueBrain HT30 on the solar plexus

BlueBrain® application

The light frequencies act on the nervous system and the brain.

    The BlueBrain® device is applied on the solar plexus.

mood light
    The BlueBrain® mood light table lamp is placed in the room in a dark corner so that it can be seen by the people present.


The application of HT30

BlueBrain® HT can be applied for all psychosomatic diseases. This can be allergies, phobias, depression, anxiety, trauma, and so on.

At the beginning of the treatment, an attempt is made to find the origin of the symptoms. This is usually possible by means of detailed questioning of the test person. If the decisive event is not found in this way, a bioenergetic test procedure such as kinesiology can be used to find the origin. This makes it possible to treat babies and small children successfully. This clarification and subsequent discussion establishes a so-called focus on the event. BlueBrain® application is also possible without prior clarification, but the effect is intensified by focusing.

BlueBrain® for allergies

Allergies can emerge through connections in the subconscious for example. An allergy is a link between an event and a substance with relation to the event. If later in the life, either the event or the substance is detected by the body defense system, an immune response can be triggered. For example, if there is an allergy to pollen and the link in the subconscious is resolved with the BlueBrain® method, the allergic symptoms may no more occur in the future and the pollen allergy no longer exists.

BlueBrain® for psychosomatic diseases

BlueBrain® is not only applicable for allergies. All psychosomatic complaints can be resolved. In psychosomatic events, subconsciously pleasant or very unpleasant reactions are linked to certain information. Information or in this application emotions can be: sounds or noises, scents, images, shocks (e. g. earthquakes), environmental situations such as crowds or confined spaces, animals, objects etc. Emotions are stored together with a reaction of the body. As a result, the stored reaction is generated again and again when the situation as a whole or only parts of it is perceived by the subconscious mind. We are at the mercy of this natural process until the stored connection in the subconscious is dissolved.

BlueBrain® dissolves links in the subconscious mind that cause the symptoms of psychosomatic complaints.

Application during manual therapy

With every manual treatment, a focus is automatically set by the massage of problem zones. This fact makes it possible to run the BlueBrain® HT30 device during a treatment. In this way, the associations addressed by the treatment are already dissolved during the therapy. This reduces resistance and relapses.

Application of "mood light"

The mood light table lamp works on all people in the visible area of the light. The flashing frequencies are intended to influence the behavior of the persons. The colors of the light and the running time change according to the selected program.

More about mood light application can be found in the mood light page.