BlueBrain® HT30

BlueBrain® HT30 is a unique device. It is made to influence the subconscious. 

Connections in the subconscious mind through stored emotions can hinder the flow of energy in the body. This can lead to functional disorders in the organism.

BlueBrain® HT30 can help to release emotions in the subconscious mind and thus to normalize the energy flow and body functions.

The dissolution phase lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. The effect is achieved by means of special color light frequencies that stimulate the nerves in the solar plexus and are thus recognized in the brain and throughout the body.

Weight: kg

BlueBrain® HT30


  • BlueBrain® HT 30
  • Wide range universal charger with EURO/US plug
  • USB cable
  • carry bag
  • owner’s manual

The programs of the BlueBrain® HT30

BlueBrain® HT30 contains four programs
  • Cleaning the subconscious (dissolving associations in the subconscious)

This program can be applied with all psychosomatic diseases. With the help of this program it is possible to dissolve dysfunctional linkages in the subconscious. The BlueBrain® can be helpful with situations in daily life which carry elements of stress and fear such as: fear of flying, during allergic symptoms or a dental visit, for example. The program can be used also during a massage, physiotherapy, reflex zone therapy or other manual therapies. A focus is set by the manual treatment on an existing problem. The linkage in the subconscious can be dissolved with intention and the use of this program.

  • Trauma

This program is for application with traumata. Before the application a focus should be set on the trauma. This can be done by speaking about general or specific events during the onset of the trauma. Thus the topic will be activated in the subconscious. After a trauma is activated, the program is started and the device is placed on the solar plexus. Close the eyes, relax and let the program run. Accept changes! The program should be used especially when situations in the daily life evoke trauma reactions.

  • Balancing emotions

With this program emotional spikes of excitement can balance. This can be helpful whenever excessive excitation is provoked in daily living.

  • BlueBrain

This program can dissolve old structures in the brain and in the subconscious. This may result in new structures. That frees and opens the mind to new ideas out of the chaos. While the first program (Cleaning the subconscious) is better suited for use during any therapy or for intensive use in psychosomatic problems, this program is better suited for private use. It can resolve many structures in the subconscious. It has a calming affect and leaves a confident feeling.



wavelength - luminous intensity (appr. levels)

red 625nm - ca. 7 cd, yellow 590nm - ca. 7 cd, blue 465nm - ca. 6 lm

dimensions (D x H)

2.5 x 5.9 x 0.9 inch (65 x 150 x 24 mm)


2.5 oz. (70 gr)



power supply

Li-Ion battery 3,7 volt / 700 mA/h

power consumption

max. 60 mA.


24 months on material and repair work